Meet Our Designers


Mocha "Cuddle up"

Mocha will warm not only your heart, but your feet as well!  She is originally from an unknown place, she found her human mom at her place of work.  Mocha was happy to join their wonderful family.  She is one snuggly, playful cat!  Her designs are soft brown undertones with unique patterns.   

Ginger "Little fire cracker"

Ginger is quite the fire cracker!  Her favorite things are eating, meeting new people (and licking their toes) and an ear rub. Her number one rule is.... If someone is getting attention, it better be me! She will actually stand in between her human Mom and her sister Lexi if she is petting Lexi and not Ginger. 

Rey "Walk on the wild side"

Rey is in touch with her wild side with her exotic spots and her love for the sport of the laser pointer, she will hunt it all day!  Don't let her quo personality fool you, she is quite the love bug after a long day of resting behind the couch.  She was rescued from an animal shelter, and now resides with her fur-ever home.  Her favorite designs are a bit wild!

Princess "Be confident"

Princess is one beautiful, confident kitty who knows what she wants!  She is originally from an unknown place, but quick became the queen of her castle with her humans.  Her designs are bold.

Doug "Keep life simple"

Doug is a strong willed kitty who love the city after starting life on the farm.  Sometimes he misses the farm life, so he keeps a close eye on his human children as he lays in the yard.  His designs are inspired by his time on the farm. 

Pete "Go team"

Pete is cute as a button and is always excited to see humans.   He is all about playtime, he never lets you down and is always up for game time.  His designs are all about team spirit, but his favorite team is the Bison!  

Bowden "Let's play"

Bowden is a wild pup who loves to run with his human family.  He keep up with their busy life and enjoys camping, and harassing his kitty sisters.  He loves to be social at canine club house a.k.a. the dog park.  He will fetch with anyone willing to play.  This rascal’s designs are inspired by his love for games!  

Ash "Try new things"

Ash is quite the cat, she never found her voice and her humans have never heard her meow.  But don't let her quietness fool you she is quite the sassy, edgy girl.  She loves to look her best and keep a close eye on her humans.  Some of her favorite activities are grooming, cuddling, and just staying out of reach of her animal brother the dog.  Her designs are a little edgy, just like her! 

Cinder "Bring cheer"

Cinder the Christmas cat, she loves the holidays with her amazing family.  She is Santa's little helper who tries to fly with her reindeer by leaping through the air from one place to another.  She is a chatty cat who will tell you what she is wishing for Christmas, even if she is on the naughty list. Her designs are inspired by her love of the holidays.

Desi "Neat as a button"

Desi is a sweet, happy gal who likes to look her best.  She definitely is a Mama's Girl, will sit on the couch and watch out the window for her human Mom to come home, doesn't matter who else is there. She also prefers to be there only animal and is enjoying some extra time away from her dog cousin.  Her delicate designs were inspired by her pureness.


Boo Boo “Live life like they left the gate open”

Boo Boo is a fun loving little guy who tolerates everything including the shenanigans of a two year old human.  They are best pals who spend their days playing outside.  They also enjoy cuddling up with a nice snack, his favorite is anything with peanut butter.  Boo Boo was adopted from a local animal shelter and loves his fur-ever home.  Boo Boo's designs are inspired by his love for all things that are a bit spooky! 

Trooper "Love triumphs" 

Trooper is the sweetest guy around with him gentle demeanor.  He can from an unimaginable place, a puppy mill.  Thank goodness him human mom adopted him and spent countless hours working with him to show him the world really can be a wonderful place.  He made the honor roll at school and his favorite subjects were agility and herding. He loves spending his days with him humans and animal siblings.  His designs are inspired by his love for things that go!

Zoe "Adventure is never far away"

Zoe is a Daddy's girl who absolutely adores her human Dad.  Their favorite activities are playing fetch with her worn tennis balls, going for rides, and refereeing on the side lines barking out orders when her furby siblings are chasing and wrestling. Her arch nemesis are those crazy squirrels, they really get her going!  She was adopted from a local animal shelter and love her fur-ever home.  Her designs are inspired by her love hate relationship with squirrels.

Molly "Peace and love rules"

Molly is a fun loving, free spirit who believes every one was created equally.  In fact most days she forgets she is a cat and plays ball with her sibling dogs like she is one of them.  She is from an unknown place and was adopted from a local shelter, now she loves spending her days with her fur-ever family.  Molly's designs are inspired by peace and love!

Rainy "Don't give a hoot"

Rainy is a wild child cat who doesn't give a hoot sometimes.  Her favorite pastimes include playing chase with her sibling animals and snuggling with her human Momma.  She came from a scary place where she was separated from her momma, luckily her human Mom is so kind and patient with her.  She even bottle feed her as a kitten to make sure she grew up to be strong.  Rainy's designs are inspired by her love for owls. 

Bubba Blue “Be happy”

Bubba Blue is a happy girl who loves everyone including people and furbys. She loves mornings and brings a smile to her humans. Some of her favorite past times are playing with little fuzzy squeaky toys and snaking on peanut butter. She came from a rough past that created medical issues for her, but somehow is always happy. She was adopted from a local animal shelter and loves her fur-ever home. Her designs were inspired by her love for happiness.

Pickles “Stop and smell the flowers”

Pickles is often referred to as Gladys, she is pretty nosy and likes to people and animal watch. She can be a bit dramatic and is quite sure she is a lap dog. She enjoys snuggling, receiving some scratchies and playing genteelly with her kitty sisters. Pickles was adopted from a local animal shelter and love her fur-ever home. Her designs are inspired by her love for flowers.

Carmela "Love life and the ones you share it with"

Carmela shoots right for the heart, I don't know anyone who doesn't love this gentle giant! She is originally from a small town in MN.  She loves short walks, and playing with her sister in the backyard.  She volunteers as a pet therapy dog and enjoys bringing joy to everyone she meets.  Her designs are feather soft and straight as an arrow!

Paris   "Dream big"

Paris is from a small town in ND.  She is so sweet, but she has a pinch of spice in her!  She loves cuddling up on the couch with her humans.  She keeps her designs soft and fluff and her favorite colors are pink and black!


Meadow "Imagine the possibilities"

Meadow is quite the character, you never know what she will come up with!  She is originally from a small town in MN.  She is a spunky girl who loves to run, search for bunnies, and cuddle with her stuffed animals.  She loves kisses and might even take a seat with you.  Her designs are characters, just like her!

 Lexi "Be kind"

Lexi is quite the soft foxy lady who loves attention!  But, watch out if you take her spot on the couch, be prepared for very sad puppy dog eyes. She is so kind to everyone she meets!  She was adopted by her fur-ever family and adjusted quickly. Her favorite designs are cute and clever.  

Thelma Jean "Enjoy the Sunshine"

Thelma Jean loves to be under blankets and cuddle. She likes to lay in sunny spots and in her heated house. You might find her hanging out perched on her cat stairs looking out the window. She rules the house, like a true queen! Her designs are inspired by her love for anchors and bicycles.

Designer of Soft Sole Baby Shoes

Ernie “Let’s Play Ball”

Ernie is a sweet fun-loving guy who loves to play, go for walks, and hang out with his humans.  He is a true team player who gets along with everyone!  His designs are inspired by his love for lake country!