Trooper's Sturgis Motorcycle Soft Sole Baby Shoes

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Trooper's Sturgis Motorcycles Soft Sole Baby Shoes 

Trooper's Sturgis Motorcycles soft sole shoes are made with a variety of motorcycles  with Sturgis South Dakota and bright flames on the heels.   He used 100% cotton fabric with vegan friendly sherpa fabric lining and completed them with baby soft vegan friendly suede fabric or non slip fabric that covers the bottom of the shoes.


  • Keeps toes warm
  • Custom fit as elastic can be adjusted, which helps keep the socks on
  • Soft soles allow room to move and grow
  • Ready for gift giving and packaged in an organza gift bag
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Made in the USA


Free shipping on all order over $49 shipped in the USA.

As each pair is made individually; fabric placement may vary from what is pictured. Please let us know if you would like to see a photo of your exact pair before shipping.  


Measure baby’s foot heel to tip of the big toe.

0-6 Months 4" 3.5-3.75" foot or smaller
6-12 Months 4.5" 4-4.25" foot or smaller
12-18 Months 5" 4.5-4.75" foot or smaller
18-24 Months 5.5" 5-5.25" foot or smaller


For best fit measure baby's foot, but if you match what clothing size they are in, they most likely they will fit.

Soft sole shoes (those without non-slip) are intended for pre-walking babies. 

Wash shoes in gentle cycle, cold water and air dry.  Elastic can be adjusted for a custom fit for your baby.


Meet the Designer:

Trooper "Love triumphs" 

Trooper is the sweetest guy around with him gentle demeanor.  He can from an unimaginable place, a puppy mill.  Thank goodness him human mom adopted him and spent countless hours working with him to show him the world really can be a wonderful place.  He made the honor roll at school and his favorite subjects were agility and herding. He loves spending his days with him humans and animal siblings.  His designs are inspired by his love for things that go!  

Walking on the Wild Side

For us here at Kat’s Socks our animals are part of our family and can’t imagine life without them.  We believe every animal deserves a loving home.  We appreciate all the love and support that animal shelters provide to pets in need.  This is why we give back in a special way, from each sale (before tax and shipping) 2% goes to a local animal shelter near us.  Thank you for all the hard work and love that goes into finding amazing homes for animals in our communities!     


Kat “Keeping socks on one foot at a time”



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